About Our Boxes

Izzy Jewel Box Oprah Magazine FeatureThe Izzy Jewel Box was selected by Oprah Magazine for the “O LIST” in March 2011. It was also featured as a perfect gift in “Oprah’s Gift Finder” section as an ideal strategy for decluttering your life. The Izzy Jewel Boxes are well designed and crafted to enhance the everyday use of your jewelry. Keeping jewelry well organized, easy to see, dust free and without annoying tangles makes jewelry selection a pleasure! There are three box sizes to choose from with different layouts for pegs and earring strips; along with fifteen different background patterns and colors of Japanese papers or raffia weave. The backgrounds, pegs and earring strips are permanently installed. The wooden pegs are one inch long with an end cap to help hold items in place. The earring strips will hold most style earring. These boxes are wall mount organizers with a hinged glass door and magnetic catch. With the door slightly larger than the enclosure, the resulting door overhang provides an easy open edge opening right to left. The box is made of wood painted in a milk white satin finish. The Izzy Jewel Box is beautiful, practical and easy to use. You will appreciate how it simplifies and organizes your life in elegant style, making this a must have for you and your friends!

Installing the Izzy Jewel Box

For mounting the box on the wall, two saw tooth hangers are already attached on each upper rear corner of the box. Use a nail or screw with a good lip to fully engage these hangers. On each lower rear corner of the box, Velcro sticky tabs have been attached. With the box securely hung from the top hangers, secure the box lower corners to the wall with the Velcro sticky tabs. This four corner mount system holds the box securely to the wall while being opened and adds a safety factor by preventing the box from lifting up off the upper mount hangers and is nearly earthquake proof.

Three sizes to choose from:

Small Box:        9 5/8 X 11 5/8 X 2 inches | weight: 2 1/3 lbs
Medium Box:   14 1/8  X  14 1/8  X  2 7/16 inches | weight: 4 lbs
Large Box:       17 1/8  X 17 1/8  X  2 7/16 inches | weight: 5.5 lbs